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Fill in the calculator below to see how much you spend on gas alone to commute in your own car.

How many miles is your daily round trip commute distance from home to work?
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How much do you normally pay for a gallon of gas?
How much do you pay for monthly parking?
The estimated amount you spend on gas each month to drive yourself.
The estimated amount you spend on gas in a year to drive yourself.
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...and this is just your gas and parking expense.  The Federal Highway Administration in 2001 estimated the cost to operate a compact car at 42.3 cents per mile.  If you commuted 100 miles per day a single day's commute would cost you $42.30 or approximately $888 per month.

Link to Federal Highway Administration Cost to Operate Estimates for 2001

The average "out-of-pocket" cost to vanpool with is approximately $0 per month with Metrobenefits subsidy and $180 without.  And you don't need a calculator to know that is BIG SAVINGS.

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